Today With Our Edge 540

This morning we were once again at our Club. We love it there and so have to pick our days, like anyone else who is in this hobby. So on those calm dry days we are usually there. Today it was just Al and myself there, no one else turned up while we were there, and I guess it was because it was so bloody cold!

This morning was all about doing our new plane's Maiden. It's an Edge 540 a 28%, 76" wing span. She flew beautifully, and it was so exciting as this is our first Petrol plane. We love the glow fuel too, but the petrol engine sounds much louder and has that roar like a Motor bike engine does. I love it!

I took some film of it which will also be uploaded to youtube. Anyway, in the picture below is myself with our new plane. Al told me to jump in the picture so we could show you her size.


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