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Wow Life Really Does Start At 40!!!!

Last Friday my hubby surprised me with a gift. He went out and came back with a brand new bike for me.
I had done nothing but talk about getting a bike these past few weeks, as my sister and her family go bike riding at the weekends. I can join them now, and we've been having so much fun.

I love my new bike, infact I don't want to go out without it now. Getting to work and back is so much easier.
The roads are scary but I'm getting more confident.

Having a bike has helped  me feel young again, and I feel like I have a new lease of life. 
I'm really looking forward to this summer, lots of days out with full of adventure as I go cycling with the family.

Why do I find it so hard to de-clutter?

I really do have to sort my things out and de-clutter my house. The thing I need to get rid of most is my books. The thing is I can't do it....

I have so many and although I have read most of them and may not read them again, although I do hope one day I will. I just can't seem to bag them up and give them away. I am like this with everything, clothes, the kids toys, everything!!!

Why I'm this I don't know? Hubby on the other hand wishes I would sort my stuff out.

Is anyone else like this?