Why do I find it so hard to de-clutter?

I really do have to sort my things out and de-clutter my house. The thing I need to get rid of most is my books. The thing is I can't do it....

I have so many and although I have read most of them and may not read them again, although I do hope one day I will. I just can't seem to bag them up and give them away. I am like this with everything, clothes, the kids toys, everything!!!

Why I'm this I don't know? Hubby on the other hand wishes I would sort my stuff out.

Is anyone else like this?


Modelwidow said…
I'm with you on this one, I too find it hard to part with things. DH is always reminding me that it's mainly my stuff in the loft - I just tell him I'm saving him money, it's good insulation!

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