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After being unwell for a while and now feeling tip top. I have taking up jogging. My sister mentioned it the other week, and we began walking/jogging to work. My sis isn't able to carry on with it at the moment, she may do at a later date hopefully. But I have carried on.

I've always admired people who run, seeing them jog past in the street I always wished I had the guts to do it myself. But my chatter box would constantly appear and convince me that I couldn't do that! And that I'd look nothing like these really cool runners, but that I would look like an idiot.

Well, I have pulled all my strength together and I refuse to give into my low self-esteem which has always stopped me from doing things. Good bye low self-esteem!!! Hello the new stronger me. :)

So, now I jog regulalry. I'm a beginner and it's going to take sometime for me to be able to build my strength up. The main thing is I am enjoying myself and I am feeling the benefits.
I can't wait to jog tom…