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I really do love knitting, especially since I've learnt to read patterns. I'm practically knitting everyday now. I kind of feel lost without it. I know that knitting has really helped me to get through my depression since I took it up again just a couple of months ago. In fact since I started knitting I feel like it has helped me to progress faster.

I'm knitting things for xmas now and I'm having so much fun. I think I may just end up turning this into a knitting blog. lol.

A great forum with a lovely community. Phoenix Knitting Forums


I've decided to do this post as I want to reach out to people who are suffering with depression.
I myself have gone through depression, at this moment I am coming out of it, it's been a long dark lonely phase of my life.

I believe it started in 2007, one thing seemed to happen one after another. In the end I just couldn't cope and my depression became full blown. I tried so hard to battle it on my own. When I first realised I was suffering with depression, my first reaction was panic, as I knew it meant something was wrong. I was supposed to be this strong loving wife to my husband and a strong and supportive loving mother to my children. On the outside I could hide it and pretend all was okay, where as on the inside I was a complete and utter nervous wreck who was crying out for help.

The biggest mistake I did to cope was to use alcohol. I used it to hide away from my problems. It was my way of shutting it out. Of course alcohol can make you feel good at the time, but it'…