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Aunt Maggie Slippers & knitting.

I recently took up knitting again after a long break. I had never been able to read patterns before, until I found this lovely forum Phoenix Knitting Forums
The community there is very welcoming and they are ready to help anyone in need. I've never loved knitting so much. Now I am learning to read patterns, I just finished my first project from following a pattern. I chose Aunt Maggie Slippers and I did them following this tutorial Aunt Maggie Slippers I actually found this pattern on which is a brilliant website.

My first attempt was diabolical as my slipper ended up 4 inches longer than it should have been. However I am not one to give up, so I made another attempt straight after, and it took me just 3 hours to do the fiirst one, and then today just an hour and 15 minutes for the second one.

Here they are they, and now I can't wait to try a new pattern!