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Carden Yak 54 Maiden

Hi all,

Well, we recently maidened our new plane. Thankfully it was a success! :)
Before we maiden a plane it is a bit stressful, as you never know just how well the plane will fly. We have had a one which didn't make it after the maiden, mainly because the tail was warped a bit. Anyway enough of that. I'm talking about our new plane. :)

She was a success and here's the video of her maiden. :)
Oh yes and hubby got carried away with the text as he put this movie together. :)

Also, just want to wish everyone a Very Merry Xmas!!!!!

Carden Aircraft Yak 54

Recently we sold four of our model airplanes on Ebay. Basically we sold two and gave one away free with each model. We did this, as we have moved over to Petrol planes, and are giving up the glow fuel planes. We've loved the experience with glow fuel but it's time to move onto new things, bigger and better yay!

Anyway, I thought I'd show you some pics of our new plane. It's huge and takes up most of our lounge as you can see.
She hasn't flown yet, but she will do very soon and the video will end up on youtube very soon.

Hope you like the pics. When we take her outside to the club, we'll take better pics then.

Guss's Tiger Moth

Guss, a member of the club, loves to build his planes from scratch. Which takes a lot of patience, dedication, motivation and love. Love, because he loves the hobby and his planes.

There are a few members there who build their planes from scratch, it takes months and may be a year or two. I would love Al to start a plane from scratch, but at the moment he doesn't have the patience for that. Hmmm.......

Anyway, I thought I'd show you the latest plane Guss has been building from scratch. It's a Tiger Moth and she's a quarter scale plane. It's not finished yet and as you can see she's BEAUTIFUL!
Click on the photo's to blow them up to their original size.

A Bit of Nature...

At the field where we fly, we are so lucky to see some of the nature out there. One of the things I love doing (as you've most probably guessed) is taking photo's and I take lots of them. I never go to the field without my camera, if I had the chance I'd take it everywhere with me.

Tip - Click on the pictures to make them blow up to their original size.

The first pic is of a beautiful Butterfly who seemed to enjoy posing for me.

Here, the farmer is harvesting his field and in the back ground is a Lavender field. Oh how I wish I could have walked in that Lavender! Isn't it beautiful?
I was so very lucky to get so close to this rabbit. In Spring there were loads of Rabbits. All hopping from burrow to burrow and out to eat the grass. But then some nasty Poachers came along and shot them all. So right now, there are no rabbits left on this field. :(

Back in Spring I was so very lucky to get a few feet from a Badger. I had to move so slow. It had come out for a drink. As I was…

Our Edge on Film!

Yesterday, as usual I took my camera along and filmed Al flying the Edge. I often do this when we get a new plane. I love filming him flying them. It's great to look back. I usually put them on youtube, where thousands of others do the same in this hobby.

Anyway, here's our latest video of our latest plane. Please excuse the fact that I couldn't always keep the Airplane in the view finder. I have to zoom in and it's hard to keep up with the plane when you do. Also ignore my chatting lol.

Today at the Club.

It's the third day in a row Al and I got to go flying, and unlike yesterday, the weather today was beautiful! It was like Spring, nice and warmish and very sunny. Yesterday was so cold! I was supposed to stay at home today, but I decided at the last minute to go along.

So today I thought I'd take some pictures of the field we fly at. It's on a farmers field in Horton Kirby. We love it there, as do many other members. I have also been very lucky to be just a few feet from a Badger at the field.

Just a tip - If you click on the pictures, they may blow up into their original size.

OK, so these first two pictures are of our new plane in the sky today.

As you can see there's loads of space. :)

Loads of Seagulls wanting some of the action.
Some sheep in a distant field.

A huge bumble bee, who for some reason wanted to check out our engine. :)

Today With Our Edge 540

This morning we were once again at our Club. We love it there and so have to pick our days, like anyone else who is in this hobby. So on those calm dry days we are usually there. Today it was just Al and myself there, no one else turned up while we were there, and I guess it was because it was so bloody cold!

This morning was all about doing our new plane's Maiden. It's an Edge 540 a 28%, 76" wing span. She flew beautifully, and it was so exciting as this is our first Petrol plane. We love the glow fuel too, but the petrol engine sounds much louder and has that roar like a Motor bike engine does. I love it!

I took some film of it which will also be uploaded to youtube. Anyway, in the picture below is myself with our new plane. Al told me to jump in the picture so we could show you her size.

Today at the Flying Club.

We were at our flying club today, we arrived at 10am, but soon after arriving we had to head home as Al, forgot an important part of the plane - The Wing Spar. Anyway so we headed home and made our way back to our club.

When we got there, we found two club members there, Malcome and Guss. We had a really good day. It's good meeting up with the guys and Guss is such a lovely guy. He's very friendly and supportive. Everyone loves Guss. Here's a few piccys.

This is Guss's Fokker E. III (Magnatilla) Landing. He often brings this and he also lets other club members fly this plane.

Here's Guss flying his plane while Al my hubby looks on.

Guss's plane in the air. We all love this one.

Some of Our RC Model Airplanes.

These are the planes we started out with on the right was our first, The Super Cub, on the left the T-28 Trojan. They are electric planes and loads of fun and great learners for beginners. Especially the Super Cub as your first plane. We gave our Super Cub away to one of the club members a couple of months ago, as he liked it so much and we were done with using it.

Here's me with the Super Cub and one of Al's favourite planes the Sundowner.

Here's Al with a plane we all love, the F6F Hellcat. I personally love this one.

Here's Joe with his favourite plane, the Pulse 60XT. We all love this plane, it is so much fun and so fast!

Lastly, this is our least favourite of all of our planes. It's called a U-Can-D0 and you can learn to do some tricks etc with this one, but sadly we find this one boring. For us, it doesn't have the edge and excitment the other planes offer. This one will most probably be sold at the bring and buy sale next summer.

We have a few more planes a…

Our Hobby (R/C Model Airplanes)

My hubby, youngest son and myself have a hobby that we all enjoy. Radio Controlled Model Airplanes. I personally have only had a little go at flying the electric planes. I enjoyed it but I prefer to watch hubby Alex, and Joe my son fly.
We all love the glow engine planes and the petrol planes. They're our favourite.

Often when I talk to friends and family about this they tend to think we're mad and that it's a toy. But the thing is, they just don't understand this sport and I guess I can't blame them as they have never tried it, or been there on the field at the club, and so they don't understand and haven't experienced how wonderful it is. These planes are not toys, and they can be very dangerous. This is a serious sport which is so enjoyable, it's a hobby that can be so enjoyed and loved. It is an expensive hobby but so worth it if you love what this hobby has to offer. One thing I also love about it, is it's a family day out, and a hobby that th…

THe New Twilight Trailer!!!

Twilight - The Movie.

I am a huge Twilight fan, I absolutely love this book series and I cannot wait till Twilight is released on the Cinema.

This series has been brilliant. I still have one book to read (Breaking Dawn) and then I am done. I can't imagine passing those books on as I just love them so much, and I know I will love them just as much or even more when I re-read them.

I haven't been so hooked on a book series since Harry Potter!

Edward is a brilliant character and so is Jacob. I like Bella although at times she can seem annoying. But still I love her too.

For me, Bella in the movie is exactly how I imagined her in the books. As for Edward though, my Edward in my mind is so much more handsome. But, when I go and see the movie, I will just enjoy it, well I hope I do anyway! :)


Well, today has been a normal Monday so far. I've been to work and am now home and will catch up soon on my house work. I have to return to work later. I'm a School Cleaner and really enjoy my job.

I just finished 'Eclipse' by Stephenie Meyer, yesterday. I really enjoyed this book and I have reviewed it on my Book Blog
Now I am reading 'Moondance of Stonewylde' by Kit Berry, and I can't wait to get started!

My Kids
I'm so proud of my kids. My eldest attends Greenwich University and is studying Games Development. He's already creating his own games, and I watch in awe as I see them. I'm so very proud of what he has and is achieving.

My middle son has a full time job, he's moved out and lives with his girlfriend. He's currently looking into a career which he is interested in, that has great job opportunities. He's grown up so much these last few months. When he comes to visit me I am beaming with pride.

My youngest son, attends seco…