Our Hobby (R/C Model Airplanes)

My hubby, youngest son and myself have a hobby that we all enjoy. Radio Controlled Model Airplanes. I personally have only had a little go at flying the electric planes. I enjoyed it but I prefer to watch hubby Alex, and Joe my son fly.
We all love the glow engine planes and the petrol planes. They're our favourite.

Often when I talk to friends and family about this they tend to think we're mad and that it's a toy. But the thing is, they just don't understand this sport and I guess I can't blame them as they have never tried it, or been there on the field at the club, and so they don't understand and haven't experienced how wonderful it is. These planes are not toys, and they can be very dangerous. This is a serious sport which is so enjoyable, it's a hobby that can be so enjoyed and loved. It is an expensive hobby but so worth it if you love what this hobby has to offer. One thing I also love about it, is it's a family day out, and a hobby that the family enjoy together.

This hobby has also created a passion for Joe, as he loves airplanes now and has done his own research on them, and also on WWI and WWII. I am amazed at how much he has researched these subjects. Next year when he turns 13 he'll be joining The Air Cadets. So if this hobby fills him with motivation and helps to create his dream of becoming an RAF Pilot, then that is fantastic. We will support him all the way.

Just watching Al or Joe fly the planes is amazing, the roar of the engine, the smell of the fuel, and watching the planes up high in the sky soaring is amazing.

In the photo above Al is getting ready the Bi-plane Fokker D.VII. It's a German plane that was used in WWI. Joe's favourite plane so far.

Not only do I go to watch the planes in the air, but I also go for the country side. As our club is on a farmers field. Also most of the 0ther members of the club are lovely and it is good to catch up with them, and watch them fly their planes.

Amazingly, some of the guys are of a great age of 77 years old and yet are able to fly their planes as though they were young men. One of the reasons for this I believe is, this hobby has kept these men young at heart and to meet them and mingle with them, you wouldn't believe some of them were pensioners. They are full of vibrant energy and are full of life. Some of them don't even look their age, I am shocked when I hear them say their age, as they look so much younger.

We have quite a few planes and will be posting more pictures soon. If you'd like to see a video of the planes, here are some on my youtube account. Click Here.


Elizabeth said…
What fun it looks!
Matt Brown said…
I agree that flying RC airplanes is aweseome. And they're NOT toys!...

Well, even if they are toys, they're cool toys!

I love flying so much I started a website.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Hooked on RC Airplanes

By the way, nice plane!
margotreehugger said…
Hi Elizabeth, it really is loads of fun. :)

Matt - I have booked marked your site and forwarded it to Al who is having a browse. We love finding sites on RC Planes and the hobby. Your site looks really nice. It was fun looking at planes we started out with on your site. I'm off to have a better browse.


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