4 Years Later and So Much Has Changed

Wow wow Wow!

It's been four years since I last posted on here. So much has changed in my life.
I remember writing about my depression I was suffering from, and how I was struggling with Life. I'd never felt so ill before, it was an awful time and one I struggled to understand.  I became another person, a person who had no life in them, who felt 40 years older than they were. A person who felt numb and couldn't see past how the illness was making me feel. I was ashamed, I felt I had let my family down.  I was "supposed" to be a strong wife and a dedicated confident mother. There was no way "I" could suffer from depression.  The realisation hit me hard. I was no different to anyone else. I'm human after all.

Accepting my illness was hard, but the hardest thing was having to put on a smile and pretend everything was okay. No one asked me to do that,  I just didn't want to accept I was ill. There was a stigma to depression and I didn't want to accept it...... until I had no choice .... The only way to start getting better was to accept it. It has been a long road. I am finally able to say my depression is no where as bad it was. In fact I barely suffer with it now. Some times I have bouts if something gets me down but it doesn't control my life like it used to.

I'm still on medication and hope to be off it in the very near future. Exciting things are happening which I will talk about at a later date. When the time is right, hopefully that will be very soon.  :-)

What really helped me to come out of my depression was the fact that I realised I couldn't go on as I was and, that my life had to change.......The change was I became a Christian and my life has been changed completely, I have never been happier. I will talk more of this soon.

I'm pleased to be back and look forward to sharing more with you.

God Bless

Maggs. xxx


Barbara said…
Been catching up with a number of your old posts Marg. I am so glad things changed for you and see that you have embarked on the greatest journey of all, that of becoming a Christian.Having walked that journey for the last 66 years I know just how faithful God is and it was only when I gave up struggling in self effort, 'let go and let God' as they say, that depression (as I knew it then) became a thing of the past. I'll be looking forward to your coming posts. We can keep in touch on facebook too. Blessings. Barbara
Maggs said…
Hi Barbara,

God has been so good to me, He has completely turned my life around and the blessings He is pouring out on me now are Miracles. Even my hubby cannot believe what is happening and he isn't a Christian and yet he says what is happening is a miracle. I will write about it soon. xxxx

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