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Back again and staying this time!

Well, here I am again after a while away. Been on Facebook playing some games and boy do they get addicting. Well, I'm not wasting my spring and summer on facebook games. ;)
Facebook games are a winter thing when you can't go out.

I have two new hobbies which I really love. Not done much in the way of painting lately. Got to sort my room out to make more space. I have to be really brutal and get rid of a majority of my books. I love books and this is going to be so hard, some of the books I love but have been sitting on my shelves for a few years and not sure when I will read them again. So will be giving most to the Demelza Childrens Hospice Charity.

Okay, so my two new hobbies are cooking and gardening which also includes indoor plants.
Hubby and I went and bought 10 new house plants, they are gorgeous. I'll list them later and put pics on here. My favourite so far is our Oriental Lily, she smells gorgeous and is so pretty!!!

I love cooking now and so will be trying some ne…