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Coraline - Blu-ray

Yesterday we got our eagarly awaited parcel from the usa, Coraline on Blu-ray. We opted for the 3D version, and was blown away by the movie. The 3D version was amazing. The colour is reduced while watching it in this format, but we can opt for the 2D version when watching it next. I love Blu-ray, it gives so much more to a movie, quality of picture, colour and love that when you get a good Blu-ray movie, images are popping out from the screen.

I don't usually go for modern Children's animated movies. I much prefer the old classics I grew up with, such as Wizard of Oz etc.. But Coraline blew me away, I'll be keeping this one.

For all ages, however small children may find it a bit frightening. Some Ghosties in which one was looking particularly scary. Not in a horrible way, but in a real sad way.


Movies Movies Movies.

So, I can't talk about Model Airplanes anymore :(
So I'm gonna talk about our new hobby, which is about Movies.
Above is a picture of Joe our son standing next to our 106 inch Projector screen. This for us is the only way to watch movies, as we have our own Cinema at home, and on the screen is lovely Johnny Depp! :)