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I said you were in for a treat and here he is!! :) For you who are in this hobby that is who truly appreciate these models. This baby is 32 inches tall, and weighs about 90lbs. He is our largest model and my favourite. :)

To view the pictures in their best form, click the pcitures to blow them up to full size.

Another treat is our newest model - A Sideshow piece. The Alien Queen from Aliens.
We're just waiting for another part of this model to be released and delivered. Can you guess what it is????


Here's some more models we've collected. I absolutely adore the HULK. He is huge!!!!! :)
Hubby loves the Captain America. Me on the other hand think he's okay, but he's not my favourite, however he is still a great piece to have. If you are i nto this collection then you're in for a treat with my next post which will be posted above this one. :)

But for now, first lets get this lady out of the way. This is one of hubby's favourite pieces (I wonder why?........ :p), The Black Queen Jean Gray from the X Men.

To view the pictures in their best form, click the pcitures to blow them up to full size.

Sideshow Model Crazy.


After giving up the plane hobby for a while we have found ourselves with a new one. I didn't even know the things we have just began to collect even existed. That was until hubby asked me if we could buy a Hell Boy Model which in the circle of collectors is known as a Sideshow Premium Format Statue. So being as I love my hubby to bits and find it hard to say no to him, simply because he's gorgeous and is my life, I said yes. :)

So it started of with one statue, our Hell boy and soon we got another and another. Now we have a bit of a collection going on. Seeing as we really are movie addicts as you saw in a previous post. This hobby seems to fit us well and is also an investment for our children. Most of the statues are not cheap.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about it, and show you some pics. These are some of our Models. Not all are Sideshow, some of the models we collect are made by DC Direct and Bowen.
When we go to London one of our first stop offs is Forbidden Planet…

Coraline - Blu-ray

Yesterday we got our eagarly awaited parcel from the usa, Coraline on Blu-ray. We opted for the 3D version, and was blown away by the movie. The 3D version was amazing. The colour is reduced while watching it in this format, but we can opt for the 2D version when watching it next. I love Blu-ray, it gives so much more to a movie, quality of picture, colour and love that when you get a good Blu-ray movie, images are popping out from the screen.

I don't usually go for modern Children's animated movies. I much prefer the old classics I grew up with, such as Wizard of Oz etc.. But Coraline blew me away, I'll be keeping this one.

For all ages, however small children may find it a bit frightening. Some Ghosties in which one was looking particularly scary. Not in a horrible way, but in a real sad way.


Movies Movies Movies.

So, I can't talk about Model Airplanes anymore :(
So I'm gonna talk about our new hobby, which is about Movies.
Above is a picture of Joe our son standing next to our 106 inch Projector screen. This for us is the only way to watch movies, as we have our own Cinema at home, and on the screen is lovely Johnny Depp! :)

Very Sad To See Our Hobby Go. :(

Sadly, my hubby has come to the decision to sell our planes. He no longer wants to be apart of the flying club we attend and basically doesn't want to this right now. So, he has decided to sell his much beloved plane. One of the mistakes we made was to sell all our Glow Fuel planes, to upgrade to 1/4 scale Petrol planes. Our house isn't big enough to store them, we won't store them in the shed due to thieves and they are so expensive when a part needs replacing. If you was to damaged the engine in a crash etc, then you have a £300 engine that needs replacing. Even a wing, costs a bomb.

I am not 100% agreeable to this, which he knows. But I do understand why he is doing it. I am really sad to see the plane go. But we don't get to go flying much anymore and hubby doesn't feel in the mood anymore to enjoy the club, mainly because the club we use, the pitch although has beautiful surroundings, the actual landing area is poor. Anyone in this hobby would understand what I…

Joe's First Flight.

Click the picture to see its full size.

While we were at the Imperial War Museum at Duxford, we were thrilled to find out they had tutor flights on offer. Our 12 year old son Joe, wants a career in the RAF as a pilot, and is also going to join the Air Cadets this summer. We want to do all we can to encourage him with his ambition and so we made sure he would get his chance to be in the sky. He often practices with Flight Sims, if you think that's easy, think again. It's not and basically it's a simulation of a real aircraft.

The best thing of all was it was in one of Joe's (and one of all of our favourite planes) favourite planes, the Tiger Moth.
We booked him a flight and at 12:45pm, he went for a 15 minute flight where he was able to take the controls in that time and fly it himself.

He was so nervous, but also so excited. Here he was living out his dream. It was his first time in an Airplane and much more special that it was in a Tiger Moth. His dad and I were on the …

Imperial War Museum Duxford

Yesterday, hubby woke up and decided to take us on a surprise trip. On the way he announced we were going to Duxford War Museum. We were thrilled as we have wanted to visit this place for a while now. We had a fantastic day and we can't wait to go back!

Here are some pictures of our day at the Musem.

You can click the pictures to see their full size.

The Blog Award: "Where Life Hands You Lemons"

I was nominated for this award by Viznine who before this, I did not know and I had no idea he was reading my blog. I thank you Viznine, it is really great to know my blog is reaching people out there. Also thank you for your nice comments. I feel very honored to be nominated for this award.

The terms and conditions set out for this award :

1) Put the logo on your blog or post.
2) Nominate at least 10 blogs that show great attitude or gratitude.
3) Link to your nominees within your post.
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5) Share the love and link to the person from who you received your award.

So these are 10 blogging buddies who I believe have done a marvellous job of showing their great attitude or gratitude.

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2. Clare from Confessions of a Bookaholic
3. Elizabeth from About new york
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