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THe New Twilight Trailer!!!

Twilight - The Movie.

I am a huge Twilight fan, I absolutely love this book series and I cannot wait till Twilight is released on the Cinema.

This series has been brilliant. I still have one book to read (Breaking Dawn) and then I am done. I can't imagine passing those books on as I just love them so much, and I know I will love them just as much or even more when I re-read them.

I haven't been so hooked on a book series since Harry Potter!

Edward is a brilliant character and so is Jacob. I like Bella although at times she can seem annoying. But still I love her too.

For me, Bella in the movie is exactly how I imagined her in the books. As for Edward though, my Edward in my mind is so much more handsome. But, when I go and see the movie, I will just enjoy it, well I hope I do anyway! :)


Well, today has been a normal Monday so far. I've been to work and am now home and will catch up soon on my house work. I have to return to work later. I'm a School Cleaner and really enjoy my job.

I just finished 'Eclipse' by Stephenie Meyer, yesterday. I really enjoyed this book and I have reviewed it on my Book Blog
Now I am reading 'Moondance of Stonewylde' by Kit Berry, and I can't wait to get started!

My Kids
I'm so proud of my kids. My eldest attends Greenwich University and is studying Games Development. He's already creating his own games, and I watch in awe as I see them. I'm so very proud of what he has and is achieving.

My middle son has a full time job, he's moved out and lives with his girlfriend. He's currently looking into a career which he is interested in, that has great job opportunities. He's grown up so much these last few months. When he comes to visit me I am beaming with pride.

My youngest son, attends seco…