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Sideshow Model Crazy.


After giving up the plane hobby for a while we have found ourselves with a new one. I didn't even know the things we have just began to collect even existed. That was until hubby asked me if we could buy a Hell Boy Model which in the circle of collectors is known as a Sideshow Premium Format Statue. So being as I love my hubby to bits and find it hard to say no to him, simply because he's gorgeous and is my life, I said yes. :)

So it started of with one statue, our Hell boy and soon we got another and another. Now we have a bit of a collection going on. Seeing as we really are movie addicts as you saw in a previous post. This hobby seems to fit us well and is also an investment for our children. Most of the statues are not cheap.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about it, and show you some pics. These are some of our Models. Not all are Sideshow, some of the models we collect are made by DC Direct and Bowen.
When we go to London one of our first stop offs is Forbidden Planet…