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Very Sad To See Our Hobby Go. :(

Sadly, my hubby has come to the decision to sell our planes. He no longer wants to be apart of the flying club we attend and basically doesn't want to this right now. So, he has decided to sell his much beloved plane. One of the mistakes we made was to sell all our Glow Fuel planes, to upgrade to 1/4 scale Petrol planes. Our house isn't big enough to store them, we won't store them in the shed due to thieves and they are so expensive when a part needs replacing. If you was to damaged the engine in a crash etc, then you have a £300 engine that needs replacing. Even a wing, costs a bomb.

I am not 100% agreeable to this, which he knows. But I do understand why he is doing it. I am really sad to see the plane go. But we don't get to go flying much anymore and hubby doesn't feel in the mood anymore to enjoy the club, mainly because the club we use, the pitch although has beautiful surroundings, the actual landing area is poor. Anyone in this hobby would understand what I…