Today at the Club.

It's the third day in a row Al and I got to go flying, and unlike yesterday, the weather today was beautiful! It was like Spring, nice and warmish and very sunny. Yesterday was so cold! I was supposed to stay at home today, but I decided at the last minute to go along.

So today I thought I'd take some pictures of the field we fly at. It's on a farmers field in Horton Kirby. We love it there, as do many other members. I have also been very lucky to be just a few feet from a Badger at the field.

Just a tip - If you click on the pictures, they may blow up into their original size.

OK, so these first two pictures are of our new plane in the sky today.

As you can see there's loads of space. :)

Loads of Seagulls wanting some of the action.

Some sheep in a distant field.

A huge bumble bee, who for some reason wanted to check out our engine. :)


solsticedreamer said…
i am going to have to show this to swampy~he would love to do that! we have an old war time air field between us and one of the next villages and loads of people go their to fly
margotreehugger said…
Hi Solstice,

It is a really great hobby and there are loads of planes to help get beginners started. One I can recommend is the Super Cub. It's electric and is made of foam. That's what we started of with. It's a great trainer for beginners. :)

Let me know how Swampy gets on if he takes up this hobby.

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