Today at the Flying Club.

We were at our flying club today, we arrived at 10am, but soon after arriving we had to head home as Al, forgot an important part of the plane - The Wing Spar. Anyway so we headed home and made our way back to our club.

When we got there, we found two club members there, Malcome and Guss. We had a really good day. It's good meeting up with the guys and Guss is such a lovely guy. He's very friendly and supportive. Everyone loves Guss. Here's a few piccys.

This is Guss's Fokker E. III (Magnatilla) Landing. He often brings this and he also lets other club members fly this plane.

Here's Guss flying his plane while Al my hubby looks on.

Guss's plane in the air. We all love this one.


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