Some of Our RC Model Airplanes.

These are the planes we started out with on the right was our first, The Super Cub, on the left the T-28 Trojan. They are electric planes and loads of fun and great learners for beginners. Especially the Super Cub as your first plane. We gave our Super Cub away to one of the club members a couple of months ago, as he liked it so much and we were done with using it.

Here's me with the Super Cub and one of Al's favourite planes the Sundowner.

Here's Al with a plane we all love, the F6F Hellcat. I personally love this one.

Here's Joe with his favourite plane, the Pulse 60XT. We all love this plane, it is so much fun and so fast!

Lastly, this is our least favourite of all of our planes. It's called a U-Can-D0 and you can learn to do some tricks etc with this one, but sadly we find this one boring. For us, it doesn't have the edge and excitment the other planes offer. This one will most probably be sold at the bring and buy sale next summer.

We have a few more planes and will post soon.


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