A Bit of Nature...

At the field where we fly, we are so lucky to see some of the nature out there. One of the things I love doing (as you've most probably guessed) is taking photo's and I take lots of them. I never go to the field without my camera, if I had the chance I'd take it everywhere with me.

Tip - Click on the pictures to make them blow up to their original size.

The first pic is of a beautiful Butterfly who seemed to enjoy posing for me.

Here, the farmer is harvesting his field and in the back ground is a Lavender field. Oh how I wish I could have walked in that Lavender! Isn't it beautiful?
I was so very lucky to get so close to this rabbit. In Spring there were loads of Rabbits. All hopping from burrow to burrow and out to eat the grass. But then some nasty Poachers came along and shot them all. So right now, there are no rabbits left on this field. :(

Back in Spring I was so very lucky to get a few feet from a Badger. I had to move so slow. It had come out for a drink. As I was approaching I got to take these pictures of it. I found this experience amazing.

Here's a short video I took of the Badger as I was approaching it. I stood back to get this shot of it, but I did manage to get closer. The video is not good quality as I took it with my phone. How I wish I had my video camera back then!


~PAMELA~ said…
Your photos are gorgeous! I especially love the lavender farm and rabbit pics (especially up close)!
margotreehugger said…
Thank you Pamela. I love those pics too. They're my favourite also. The Lavender Field looks like a river flowing in the back ground, it's so beautiful.
Toni said…
I love that butterfly and that rabbit. Great Pics..
Lorena G. Sims said…
Awesome pictures...love them all, the lavender, butterfly, rabbit and the badger.

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