Carden Aircraft Yak 54

Recently we sold four of our model airplanes on Ebay. Basically we sold two and gave one away free with each model. We did this, as we have moved over to Petrol planes, and are giving up the glow fuel planes. We've loved the experience with glow fuel but it's time to move onto new things, bigger and better yay!

Anyway, I thought I'd show you some pics of our new plane. It's huge and takes up most of our lounge as you can see.
She hasn't flown yet, but she will do very soon and the video will end up on youtube very soon.

Hope you like the pics. When we take her outside to the club, we'll take better pics then.


Barbara said…
Hi! Margo

Nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting and for your comments.
Another London blogger, wow.

We used to have a friend who built his own model planes and although his house was big he knocked a wall down to house the models as he built them. They took up the whole room.
Think he still does it but he moved to Derbyshire.

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