I've decided to do this post as I want to reach out to people who are suffering with depression.
I myself have gone through depression, at this moment I am coming out of it, it's been a long dark lonely phase of my life.

I believe it started in 2007, one thing seemed to happen one after another. In the end I just couldn't cope and my depression became full blown. I tried so hard to battle it on my own. When I first realised I was suffering with depression, my first reaction was panic, as I knew it meant something was wrong. I was supposed to be this strong loving wife to my husband and a strong and supportive loving mother to my children. On the outside I could hide it and pretend all was okay, where as on the inside I was a complete and utter nervous wreck who was crying out for help.

The biggest mistake I did to cope was to use alcohol. I used it to hide away from my problems. It was my way of shutting it out. Of course alcohol can make you feel good at the time, but it's not long before you realise you're not getting the same affect from it and in the end it's just making you feel worse. Not surprising when you learn alcohol is a depressant.

So after having a really rough time I went and sought help from my doctor. He prescribed me anti depressants, but it took me another 2 months before I started taking them, as I was in denial and was trying to convince myself I could do this on my own. In the end I had to face facts, I needed help.

I also stopped using alcohol as a means to escape and I had to face my depression. It took a long time, and I had to take it one day at a time.

I just want to let those know who are suffering with depression, you are not alone. I know you may feel incredibily lonely, even though you have loved ones around you, the feeling of loneliness engulfs you.

Repeat positive affirmations. I know you won't 'feel' the words and will feel numb inside, but each day start off by repeating quotes of affirminations. I chose quotes by Louise Hay. I didn't feel it, but I knew I had to try and put some good words and thoughts into my brain. I had to try and train my brain to think good things.

Be gentle with yourself, this can be so hard to do when you're depressed. You are a good person, a loving person and you deserve to be happy and to be loved and to love also.

Start a hobby such as sketching, this really helped me and even though I'm not great at drawing I still gave it a go because it gave me so much healing inside. When I was sketching my mind was calm. A site I used to help me with learning to draw is

Get outside and either spend time in your garden, gardening or go and walk in a park, sit outside on a park bench and just get out of the house even if it's for just a short while.

Stop punishing yourself, you are loved and you're beautiful and so important in this world. There is no shame and no reason to feel guilty, embarrassed or disgusted with yourself. Depression is an illness that requires medical attention. It is not your fault. It requires help just like any other medical illness.

Talk to someone, tell them how you feel, unload all that you feel inside. Talk to those who have suffered with depression, it will help you to stop feeling so lonely.

Turn the TV off, sometimes negative things on tv can trigger your depression and so try to stay away from anything negative on tv. I myself stopped watching Jeremy Kyle, and any other problem realted tv, as they just made me feel worse.

For anyone who knows someone who is suffering with depression, please know that this is a serious illness, depressed people are not attention seekers or hypercondriacs.. They are suffering with a serious mental illness and need your help.
Your love and support is so important. Please be patient, be prepared to listen without judgement. Make sure you are postive around this person, and please realise depressed people are very vulnerable and so very sensitive. You may not understand what a negative word or actions have on depressed people.
Your hug is one of the most important things you can give, as well as your love and patience.

Good luck to all,

Love & hugs
Margo. xxx


Barbara said…
Margo, you are brave. I have been there and know just what it is like. I spent 10 years on 3 medications. Trying to appear normal when one is dying inside is truly tough.
It is so important to accept oneself and not try to fight the thing while doing all the things you mention.
Thinking of you and praying.
margotreehugger said…
Thank you Barbara, there is so much more I could talk about on this subject. But my post would have been too long and I'd be writing about it forever lol.

I am sorry to hear you suffered for so long but, also happy that you are over that now.

Thank you for leaving your comment, lately I am seeing that there are lots of people who suffer or have suffered with depression. I don't feel so alone anymore. I just want to help people now who are going through this. xxx
paulaward53 said…
I know what this is like I was on pills for years in a marriage that was violent. Thankfully I am now in a mariage that is loving.
You are brave and never alone even when you feel you are and I know that is no help when you are in the dark place. Thanks for sharing this people need to know.
margotreehugger said…
Hi Paula, thanks for sharing too. The more people open up about this, the less they hopefully will feel alone. x

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