Turning 40...

In a couple of months, I'll have reach the grand middle age of 40. Why don't I feel excited about this though? I find it hard to believe, I'm actually going to be 40!!

They say life starts at 40, how does it?

Since my eldest son moved out a year ago, and who now lives with his girlfriend, I feel so old. It's like I'm now where my parents were, the old fogey. Yet, I know deep down that's not true. I don't see other people in their 40' 50's or 60's as old. Yet I see myself as old lol. Weird hey?

I do feel a responsibility since my boys have all grown up to act in a respsonsible adult way. When they were small, I felt like a kid myself and loved to join in their games. I was always playing their board games with them, hide and seek etc. I do miss those days. They were fun.
I know I have all that to look forward to in the future with my future Granchildren.

I'm wondering, do all mums feel like this as their children grow into young adults?

Looking forward to hearing any comments, about how you worked through this.


Barbara said…
You are so young Margo!

Think I was too taken up with my young family to notice 40, 50 was tough, 60 I just sailed through without a second thught and still trying to come to terms with 70!
margotreehugger said…
You don't even look 70 Barbara!

I'll get to 40 and wonder what all the fuss was about, no doubt lol.
Elizabeth said…
Greetings from New York!
40 is young.....from the vantage point of 60!
and I still feel young.....

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