Some things I've knitted

As I've said before I love knitting. If I'm feeling peed off and anxious I go and knit, it always helps to relax me and makes me happy (when I'm not dropping stitches!)

Here's some things I've made, all of these are my first attempts, so I can only get better with experience. :)

My first Sackboy

My First Puppy

My first xmas tree decoration

I have made more things, but I can't post them here till after xmas, as they have been made as xmas presents. :)


Lorena G. Sims said…
Those are so cool! I bit you had fun making them.
Barbara said…
Making knitted animals is fun I know. I used to make lots.
paulaward53 said…
I love your Sack boy he is cute. I am starting knitting again as exercise for my arm it seems to be helping. I love all your work it looks amazing

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