Joe's First Flight.

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While we were at the Imperial War Museum at Duxford, we were thrilled to find out they had tutor flights on offer. Our 12 year old son Joe, wants a career in the RAF as a pilot, and is also going to join the Air Cadets this summer. We want to do all we can to encourage him with his ambition and so we made sure he would get his chance to be in the sky. He often practices with Flight Sims, if you think that's easy, think again. It's not and basically it's a simulation of a real aircraft.

The best thing of all was it was in one of Joe's (and one of all of our favourite planes) favourite planes, the Tiger Moth.
We booked him a flight and at 12:45pm, he went for a 15 minute flight where he was able to take the controls in that time and fly it himself.

He was so nervous, but also so excited. Here he was living out his dream. It was his first time in an Airplane and much more special that it was in a Tiger Moth. His dad and I were on the ground and so very excited and thrilled for him. The excitment is still with me today and I feel like I'm on cloud nine, because it was possible for him to live out his dream yesterday. Both me and his dad are so very proud of him.

Here is a short video of his flight, we couldn't film the whole thing as my camera wasn't able to zoom in as he appeared as a tiny dot, being so far out and up at 2000 feet in the sky. But we have the Dvd on it's way to us of the flight from being filmed within the cockpit. Can't wait to see it, and I will upload it here.

I would like to thank the Imperial War Museum Duxford, the Staff of Classic Wings who were very helpful and very nice, and the Pilot who took Joe for his first flight. You all helped to make his dream possible.


Toni said…
Awh.. thank you for sharing. What an awe inspiring moment for him. You must be so proud.
Lorena G. Sims said…
Wow! his first flight ever, awesome, he did great.
margotreehugger said…
Hi Toni, yes we are sooooo proud of him. He wants to do it again lol. Which he will do again one day in the near future. We will make sure of it.

Hi Lorena, thank you hun.
Clare said…
Well done Joe! :-)
Blue said…
I tried one of the earlier versions of Flight Simulator when it first came out. When the graphics weren't nearly as sweet as they are now and failed horribly then. Even with my neighbour sat right beside me trying to tell me how to go. So I admire his pursuit.
Barbara said…
What fun for Joe. We like Duxford Museum.

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